My name is Marita Mirabella, Tari for friends. My name is pronounced with the accent on the first A. I am Italian and based in Bergamo, north Italy.

Since when I got into Heavy Metal I somehow have been part of the business side of it:Yours Truly
I wrote and took pictures for magazines and webzines, organized small tours/shows, have been part of the best (sadly last) edition of the Tradate Iron Fest, founded a label and worked on it for 7 years (Punishment 18 Records) and have been (and still am) part of the great filming crew Visions In Fear.

Lately I started working with Eagle Booking Live Promotion.

I started taking photos at shows in 2006 with my first digital reflex (Konica-Minolta D-500 with a 18-70mm and a 80-200mm objectives) and it became so much an addiction that for me shooting pictures is half the fun at concerts.

I do not use the flash and photoshop in my opinion is only a mean to fix minor light-contrast levels, resizing (if even) and adding the watermark. All you see is what I shot.

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