Marita “Tari” Mirabella


Italian native

English C2 (nearly native) German A2 (scholastic)
French B2 (basic) Swedish A2 (scholastic)


I graduated in Media and Communication studies at Stockholm University in June 2017.

Tour Management

June 2022 – present
Tour managing is a matter of juggling between project management, problem solving and baby-sitting. I can do all of that and keep smiling:

  • Krisiun Swords Into Flesh Europe Tour 2023 (Decibel Touring) + MERCH for Krisiun only
  • Seth + Attic + …And Oceans + Angstskrig/Cutterred Flesh Of Martyrs and Scars Tour 2023 (Redback Promotion)
  • Dark Funeral + support European tour 2023 (Dark Funeral AB/Decibel Touring) + MERCH for DF only
  • Heathen European tour 2022 (Unleash The Kragen) + MERCH
  • Vektor Activate Europe tour 2022 (District 19)

Booking Agent

Redback Promotion – January 2023 – present

Booking bands to play shows is the roots of the live music industry. Having the know-how from the other side of the barricade helps keeping attention to details very high and makes the job easier.
My roster:
…AND OCEANS (FI) – Symphonic Black Metal –
AGATHODAIMON (GER) – Dark Metal / Black Metal –
ANGSTSKRIG (DK) – Black Metal –
BLOODPHEMY (NL) – Death Metal –
CUTTERED FLESH (CZ) – Brutal Death Metal –
NOCTURNAL (GER) – Unholy Thrash Metal –

Social Media Manager

Time To Kill Records – May 2020 – November 2022

It is crucial for a label to support each band, advertise and push sales through social media. That is what I have been focusing on, helping the label grow.

Hospitality and dressing rooms management:

Orny Rock S.r.l. – Jun. 2018 – Present

I work as hospitality and dressing rooms manager (sometimes as wardrobe assistant as well) on a call basis (f.e.: Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Guns’n’Roses, The Cure, Pearl Jam, Italia’s Got Talent, Eminem, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, Scorpions, Milano Rocks, Bring Me The Horizon, Slayer [end tour], Disney On Ice, Massive Attack, Imagine Dragons, Firenze Rocks, Slash, Stupinigi Sonic Park, Rock The Castle, Muse, Mika’s Revelation Tour Italian dates).

Shining Production / Live Club Trezzo sull’Adda (MI) – Oct. 2017 – May 2019

I worked as hospitality, catering and dressing rooms manager on a call basis (f.e.: Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Annihilator, Death Angel, Neal Morse band, Cavalera’s Brothers, Overkill, Biagio Antonacci).

Eagle Booking – May 2014 – November 2018

I work as hospitality, catering and dressing rooms manager for their bigger events:

MetalItalia festival 2014 Slayer and Anthrax – June 15, 2014 Rage – Sept 9, 2014 Accept – Oct 17, 2014 Overkill and Prong – November 4, 2014
Rock Hard Festival 2014 MetalItalia festival 2015 MetalItalia festival 2017 Metalitalia festival 2018 Infernal Forces festival 2018

Colony Open Air festival –  Jul. 2017

I worked as hospitality, catering and dressing rooms manager at (Brescia, Italy) on July 22nd and 23rd 2017, a metal festival featuring Kreator, Carcass and many more bands.

Fosch Fest – Jul. 2016

I managed the catering service, its team and the backstage area for the Italian metal festival Fosch Fest (Bergamo, Italy) that has featured bands of the likes of Anthrax, Unleashed, Destruction, At The Gates, Sacred Reich, Korpiklaani and more.

Live Nation Sweden – Nov. 2015 – Dec. 2016:

I worked with Live Nation – Sweden on a call basis as local catering crew (Madonna, Coldplay, Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Disney On ice between the events I worked at).

Merchandising and project management:

Vienna Metal Meeting 2019

I managed the bands merchandise during the festival day.

Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2018, 2019

I managed the headliners and other bands merchandise during the festival days.

Death Doom Darkness tour – Sep. – Oct. 2016

I worked as merchandiser on the Death Doom Darkness tour 2016.

Punishment 18 Records – Sep. 2006 – Sep. 2013

I co-founded a small record label. My roles included CEO, talent scout, release project manager, contract management and AR maintaining relationships with bands. I also managed the press agency, website and social networking updates.

During the 7 years I’ve co-owned the company, I also managed sales at shows, records trade-fairs and festivals, taking care of an average 6 meters (20feet) table of cds boxes, vinyls and t-shirts

Touring and live show organization:

Vomitalian farewell tour – Nov. 2013

I organized an Italian tour for Vomitory (Swe) and Hateful (Ita) called Vomitalian farewell tour, which went through Pescara, Rome and Brescia in November. I organized the whole tour, I managed the logistics, the administration and the sales of the bands’ merchandise during the events. All shows were successful economically and audience wise.

Asphyx and Dark Funeral – Sep. 2009

I took care of the merchandise of Asphyx and Dark Funeral at an Italian festival. I sold out Asphyx’ merch.

Viking Italian attack – Nov. 2008

I organized an Italian tour for Darkane (Swe) and Subliminal Crusher (Ita), called Viking Italian attack, which went through Rome, Milano and Salerno in November. I organized the whole tour, I managed the logistics, the administration and the sales of the bands’ merchandise during the Viking Italian attack 2008. Tour was successful both economically and audience wise.

Tradate Iron Fest – Jun. 2-5 2005

I worked with Cultural Association Orpheus to the organization of Tradate Iron Fest that took place from June 2 to 5, 2005. Team work and continuous challenges were key for a successful event. I took care of the international press agency, merchandise, the stalls organization in the festival area and took care of all the daily activities of Onkel Tom who performed at the festival.

Photographer and editor: – Oct. 2014 – Present

I started my own live photography website:

Eagle Booking – May 2014 – Dec. 2016

I have been translating and writing the promotional newsletters and news for the bands they manage.

Webzines – Sep. 2003 – 2016

I have collaborated with a few music websites as photographer. and between the most recent ones.

Rock Hard Italy – Sep. 2003 – Sep. 2004

I wrote articles and took pictures for Rock Hard Italy.


Pitiful Reign – Visual Violence 2007 – album booklet pictures.

Whiplash – Unborn Again 2009 – album booklet live pictures.


Visions In Fear – Nov. 2007 – Present

I am part of Visions In Fear filming crew. The company films Keep It True festival official DVD. With the company I also filmed Hails Of Bullets and Dew Scented shows at Summer Breeze and Bang Your Head festivals. I also worked at Summer Breeze festival shooting short interviews.

ROAX Films – Aug. 2010

I worked with the filming company ROAX films and was part of their filming crew at Summer Breeze festival shooting the festival’s DVD.

Abilities and personal skills:

I studied drums and music theory, play drums and am an efficient drum tech.
Summing up my-working-self in 3 characteristics: goal oriented, team worker and problem solving.

They say about me and my work:

Marita organized an Italian tour with Darkane in 2008 where she also sold merch for us. The tour went very smooth and we have only positive words to say about Marita.Christofer Malmström, Darkane

Have them mail me and i tell them to hire you or i kill them allLord Ahriman, Dark Funeral

Marita Mirabella set up a mini-tour in Italy for Vomitory in 2013, and she did a great job promoting it and working both as tour manager and merchandiser. Everything worked smoothly and correct, which is something that I and the band appreciated a lot. Merchandise sales were great too. Marita always works with a professional attitude, she is accurate and is easy to cooperate with.Tobias Gustafsson, Cut Up – Vomitory – Nifelheim

We were very impressed with your system of organizing merchandise and we’d like you to manage it all days of the festival.Daniel Abecassis, Kill Town Bookings

Marita has a special savoir faire, is highly professional, problem solving and customer care oriented and a tireless worker.” Saverio, ex Eagle booking, now Cerberus Booking